Sports at GCCA

Be a light to the world through athletics

Fall Sports:  
Girls Middle School and Varsity Volleyball 
Cross Country
Winter Sports:
Boys Elementary, Middle School, and JV Basketball
Girls Elementary, Middle School Basketball
Silk Line Flag Team

Spring Sports:
Girls 5-6th grade Volleyball
Disc Golf
Little Griffins programs for elementary students
GCCA competes in the Southwest Christian Athletic Conference.
Go! Griffins! Go!

Any questions, please contact Megan Nash, GCCA AD 
Why are we the Griffins?
In 2019, when the Board agreed to move forward with a full athletic program. It was determined at this point the school needed official colors and a mascot. Black and Green were chosen as our school colors, which actually dated back many years. The Board agreed to allow the students to propose mascots to consider for the school. Each student who wanted to, could propose a mascot, their class then voted on the best mascot and then each class submitted one mascot for the Board to vote on. The entries were: Transformers, Bunnies, Bucks, Jaguars, Griffins, Spartans, and the Crusaders. Ultimately, the Board chose the Griffin as the mascot that would represent our school. 
What is a griffin?
The griffin is a mythological creature consisting of the head and wings of a eagle and the body of a lion.  In medieval times griffins were often used as symbols of Christ because He is king of both earth and heaven.  The griffin perfectly combined those two qualities of kingship in one creature.  In its connection to lions, it is associated with courage and boldness.  In its connection to eagles, it is associated with intelligence and protection.  As a school, we believe in being courageous both in the classroom and on the athletic field, never backing down and always willing to try something new.  We also want to be bold in our witness for Christ, being a light for Him no matter what situation we find ourselves in. GCCA strives to teach our students from a Classical Christian Perspective that will make them lifelong learners who use their intelligence in service of Christ’s kingdom.  We also want our students to be protectors, mindful of those around them, quick to defend the underdog, and defenders of their fellow students. 
GCCA strives to instruct their students concerning the Sovereign Lord of all creation, the purpose He has for them and the nature of the creation over which He has placed man.
GCCA seeks to fullfill the above mission in academics and athletics. We are providing our students with more opportunities each year to glorify God with their bodies in the arena of sports. GCCA is committed to strive for both academic and athletic excellence.

At GCCA athletics is another tool God has given us to allow our students to be lights in the world. Whether it is our neighbors who come to watch us, the opposing schools we play, or our own families, we pray that our athletics will bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ and further his Kingdom.

Athletic Code: Galatians 5:22-23

Love - for our teammates, for the opposing team, for the officials, for those who don’t make our lives easy
Joy - in being able to play a sport, in being able to represent our school, whether win or lose, whether you play a little or a lot, we will still praise our God
Peace - trusting God through the storms, through the ups and downs of a season
Patience - waiting and abiding in the Lord, whether through injury or trial
Kindness - being kind to our teammates, opponents, coaches, and the officials
Goodness - full of integrity in our actions and our deeds both on and off the court
Faithfulness - faithful to our teammates, our school, our families, but mostly our God, understanding there are people depending on us
Gentleness - representing our school and Christ in our actions and deeds
Self-control - being able to handle and resolve conflict, being in control of our actions
A Christian education in the classical tradition.