Sports at GCCA

Be a light to the world through athletics

GCCA has had a very successful archery team for the last 9 years. In 2019-2020, GCCA is going to expand their athletic teams to include more sports options. We will be competing in an exhibition season with the SWCAC for soccer and basketball. We will be on a club team status with cross country, track, and elementary basketball. We will have intramural volleyball with the hope of having a team in the near future.
GCCA strives to have their students be instructed concerning the Sovereign Lord of creation the purpose  He has for them and the nature of the creation over which He has placed man.
This has been done through academics and now we want our students to take this world view into all areas of life, including athletics. As we strive for academic excellence, we also strive for athletic excellence.

At GCCA athletics is another tool God has given us to allow our students to be lights to shine for the world to see. Whether it is our neighbors who come and watch us, the opposing schools we play, or our own families, we pray that athletics will bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ and further his Kingdom.

Athletic Code: Galatians 5:22-23

Love - for our teammates, for the opposing team, for the officials, for those who don’t make our lives easy
Joy - in being able to play a sport, in being able to represent our school, whether win or lose, whether you play a little or a lot, we will still praise our God
Peace - trusting God through the storms, through the ups and downs of a season
Patience - waiting and abiding in the Lord, whether through injury or trial
Kindness - being kind to our teammates, opponents, coaches, and the officials
Goodness - full of integrity in our actions and our deeds both on and off the court
Faithfulness - faithful to our teammates, our school, our families, but mostly our God, understanding there are people depending on us
Gentleness - representing our school and Christ in our actions and deeds
Self-control - being able to handle and resolve conflict, being in control of our actions
A Christian education in the classical tradition.