List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What does it cost to send my child (or children) to Grove City Christian Academy?

    GCCA offers a tremendous value for parents who desire to educate their children in a safe, God-centered, academically excellent environment. We offer scholarships to families in need and also multi-child family discounts. We also offer “a la carte” pricing for families who home school or for those who simply want to take advantage of our excellent classes and educators. This is becoming a popular option for specific subjects, such as science and history.  Find specific tuition information here.
  • Q: Is Grove City Christian Academy affiliated with a church or religious organization?

    No, GCCA is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian school. Students from Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Assembly of God, Church of God and other churches attend. At the present time, Grove City Christian Academy’s student body represents over 50 area churches. The teachers and staff at GCCA represent several different churches.
  • Q: What distinctive education benefits do students at Grove City Christian Academy enjoy that they would not receive in public schools?

    In addition to using the best textbooks and course materials available, students at GCCA enjoy (1) a solid Bible curriculum, (2) a Christian approach to learning, (3) individualized instruction, (4) a small classroom environment, (5) special field trips, (6) creative class projects and other special forms of enrichment, (7) instruction in music, art, logic, Latin, and physical education, (8) as well as a caring, loving, family-like atmosphere where Christian values are upheld and where (9) parents are offered many opportunities to become involved in their children’s education.
  • Q: Does Grove City Christian Academy have a dress code?

    Yes, while there is no single style or form of attire, either for men or for women, which is the only Biblical style, as a school, we do not intend to imply that our rules are the only right way. Nonetheless, we are fully aware that many contemporary styles violate Biblical principles. We also believe that the way we dress affects our inner attitudes. The individual who dresses with care also will exercise care in other areas of life. Grove City Christian Academy’s dress code can be found in our Family Handbook.
  • Q: Why should people support Grove City Christian Academy?

    Churches and individual Christians support GCCA because it is a Christian academy that is working to extend the kingdom of God. GCCA reinforces and extends the teachings and values of the Christian home and church. Courses are taught from a Christian perspective. Students are taught the Bible and Christian values. Christians and non-Christians should support GCCA because it produces exceptionally well trained students with high moral values who are an asset to our communities and nation.  Make a donation to GCCA here.
  • Q: How does Grove City Christian Academy benefit the Grove City area?

    Economically, GCCA provides jobs for close to fifty people and has an annual budget of over $350,000. Educationally, GCCA provides a distinctively excellent Christian education for approximately 200+ students each year. Morally, GCCA builds solid, responsible citizens by teaching Christian values in a Christian atmosphere. Having an academically excellent, biblically sound Christian school in the Grove City area helps to attract families who are relocating to this area and who value such a school.
  • Q: What are the tax benefits, if any, of making a donation to Grove City Christian Academy?

    Grove City Christian Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Service, which provides it a tax exempt status. Our Federal Tax I.D. Number is 25-1263803.
  • Q: What assurance do I have that Grove City Christian Academy has a stable future?

    Like all other Christian and private educational institutions that are not supported by taxation, GCCA depends on income from tuition and from donations to meet its payroll. Because of careful financial planning and management, a conservative fiscal policy, hard work by the GCCA Booster Club, and sacrificial giving by many people who love GCCA and who believe in its educational philosophy and spiritual ministry, GCCA remains financially sound. By God’s grace, the Board is confident this will continue to be the case.
  • Q: How can I contribute to the GCCA scholarship fund?

    Interested donors may give directly to the GCCA scholarship fund. These donations are tax deductible. Businesses and individuals who qualify may also contribute to Grove City Christian Academy’s Scholarship Fund through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. If you are interested in learning more about our EITC program and how to use your PA tax dollars to help GCCA families that need tuition assistance please contact Mr. Jeff Wilson at 814-283-4338 or jeff.fundedu@gmail.com. 
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