The music program at GCCA is designed to help our students find their unique voice and use it to worship and glorify God, encourage the body of Christ around them and sing out to a listening world of God's love and mercy. With a Kodaly-inspired approach students are guided over the course of their education to experience music through singing, physical movement, listening and then expressing musical pieces.

In the grammar stage we focus on experiencing music through singing songs and playing musical games.  These fun activities facilitate ways to physically experience music through a variety of movement, listening and visual activities.

In the logic stage we take all those musical experiences and the vocabulary of sound they've learned and begin to read and write music again using a variety of aural, kinesthetic and visual activities. At this stage we also begin to study music history learning how music was influenced and how music influenced the things they are learning in the history curriculum. 

During the rhetoric stage of the trivium we offer a music class to help students continue to learn to read music through the study of theory and sight reading. We also continue to delve more deeply to understand music throughout history. In this, students will be equipped to interpret and express music they enjoy and to appreciate a variety of styles of music throughout their lives.  
A Christian education in the classical tradition.