The music program at GCCA is designed to help our students find their unique voice and musical talents and use them to worship and glorify God, encourage the body of Christ around them and sing out to the   needy world of God's love and mercy. With a Kodaly and Orff-inspired approach,  students are guided over the course of their education to experience music through singing, playing instruments, physical movement, listening and then expressing musical pieces.
In the grammar school, we focus on teaching the main elements of music through singing songs, playing instruments and movement. These are fun activities that  facilitate ways to physically experience music and learn musical elements, such as note reading and a sense of pitch through Solfeggio; singing with Sacred music, Folk songs, Spirituals and Cultural music; instrumental play through Orff; expression; and musical terms.

In middle school, we take the musical experiences and the elements of music they've learned and begin to read and write music using a variety of aural, kinesthetic and visual activities, including ear training, sight singing, part singing and instrumental playing.  At this stage we also begin to study music history, including Opera, Musical Theater and music through the decades, learning how music was influenced and how music may have influenced the things they are studying in History.
In high school, we currently offer Choir. During Choir, we not only sing choral music, but continue to learn how to read music and musical terms through music theory.  We look at Vocal Health, and how to take care of the voice along with use of proper vocal technique.  The Choir will also have opportunities to perform outside of school concerts, ministering in the community. In this, students will be equipped to interpret and express music they enjoy and to appreciate a variety of styles of music throughout their lives.
A Christian education in the classical tradition.