Drama at GCCA is an exciting opportunity for students to hone their acting and public speaking skills, create a beautiful work of art, and bond with a community of peers and instructors.  Each year, GCCA students from 7th-12th grade perform classic plays to exuberant audiences.  These have included The Mousetrap, Harvey, Twelve Angry Jurors, Much Ado About Nothing, and The Hound of the Baskervilles.  
Mr. Ross Kucks, our 7th and 8th grade humanities teacher, is the director and has been directing plays for the last eight years.  He works hard to help students reach their full potential on the stage and thoroughly enjoys the process of directing.  Mrs. Faith Fedor is co-director and head of costumes, working tirelessly every year to create wonderful costumes, find props, and help give acting direction to the students.  These two have worked together for the past four years and make a fantastic team.  
Auditions for Drama occur in November and practices begin soon after.  Practices occur once a week for the months of December and January, twice a week in February, and four times a week in March.  Students are expected to attend all practices and are allowed two excused absences (other than for sickness), but not during the last two weeks of the play.  Cost for participation is $75 per student.  
Each year the play also needs a light technician, sound technician, and stage crew to help with props and scene changes.  During auditions, students can submit their form expressing interest in one of those areas.  Preference is usually given to students who have experience in those skills, but Mr. Kucks is always looking for new talent!

Drama Club is another fantastic way to get involved with theater productions.  Because of limited backstage space and the general use of small stage crews, the Drama Club was created to get students involved in other ways.  Drama Club members handle much of the setup and tear down for the play before and after each performance.  They sell tickets and concessions, set up chairs and tables, put up posters and signs, and generally help with whatever Mr. Kucks and Mrs. Fedor need.  
Drama Club meets several times before the play to plan and strategize.  They also come to several practices in order to prep the room, help with lines, paint sets and props, and generally become familiar with the play.  Finally, they are present for set building, all three performance nights, the cast party, and set tear down.  This year, there will hopefully also be several opportunities for Drama Club members to attend local theater performances as a group.  This is a great way to get involved with the theater program and gain experience working on plays!  Sign ups for Drama Club will come out during auditions and all are welcome!
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