Financial Aid & Scholarships

Grove City Christian Academy (GCCA) is committed to providing a quality, Christ-centered education in all areas of life for families in the Grove City area and beyond.

Affording a Grove City Christian Academy Education

When you compare per-student costs of a GCCA education to per-student costs of public or other private schools, you will see that the quality of our education per dollar spent is excellent. The performance of our students on standardized tests and college admissions demonstrates the high caliber of classical education at GCCA. We understand that for you to provide a Christian education for your children is a big commitment and investment. GCCA is committed to keeping our tuition affordable and to provide financial aid as available. If you think you may be in need of financial aid, here are some avenues to consider:

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  • Foundations

    There are foundations in Pennsylvania specifically for private tuition for families in need. An internet search can provide information - contact these foundations directly for guidelines and application.
  • Church Support

    Some congregations regularly support families who are paying for a Christian education. Even congregations that do not set aside such funds in their regular budget may support families who request money for Christian education.
  • GCCA Financial Aid

    GCCA offers assistance to families in need. These monies come from donations received from individuals specifically for financial scholarship and from funds set aside within GCCA’s general budget.
  • Pennsylvania EITC Funds

    The state of Pennsylvania offers individuals and business owners with the opportunity to redirect their PA taxes to GCCA Financial Aid through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit. GCCA works with the Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Foundation to manage and award these funds.

Our Promise to You

Our teachers and staff have made a commitment to serving the GCCA community because they believe in the mission of the school and want all children to have access to quality classical Christian education. We have heard many families testify that when they made it a priority to give their children a quality classical Christian education, they began to see God providing the means to make it possible. Here is what we, as a school, pledge to you as a parent:
  • We promise to work with you as you seek to raise your children to serve and love God and to make the most of what He has given them.
  • We promise to provide a high quality education with a Biblical worldview.
  • We promise to treat applications in a confidential and objective manner.
  • We promise to prayerfully consider each financial aid application and use the funds God provides for this purpose in a fiscally responsible manner.

Financial Aid Process

Should you decide to apply for financial aid, please understand that you must apply with FACTS Tuition by May 15th. (If a family new to GCCA enrolls after May 15th, we will consider financial assistance as funds allow. Please apply as soon as possible.) To apply for financial aid:
  • Complete GCCA’s application and enrollment processes (via Blackbaud). Separately, complete the FACTS Management financial aid form by using this link  GCCA will not consider financial aid for students without the submission of the GCCA student's application. 
  • FACTS Management will provide GCCA with a financial summary outlining your needs. GCCA will consider your financial needs in relation to the aid that is available. GCCA will contact you and let you know what assistance we are able to offer during the month of July.
  • The FACTS Management financial aid application allows you to apply for general financial assistance funds through GCCA, as well as Pennsylvania EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit).
A Christian education in the classical tradition.