Tuition and Fees

Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee for new students is $20.00 per student.
Tuition for students in all grades preschool through twelfth grades will be paid in twelve (12) equal monthly installments beginning August 15 and ending the following July 15.

Full-Time Students 2024/2025

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Homeschool Classes 2024/2025

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  • 5th - 6th Specials

    Physical Education$660.00$55.00
  • 5th - 8th Academic Courses

    Science 5th$825.00$68.75
    Science 6th - 8th$1,100.00$91.67
    Math 5th - 7th$1,100.00$91.67
    Algebra 1$1,100.00$91.67
    History 5th - 8th$1,100.00$91.67
    Reading 5th$1,100.00$91.67
    Literature 6th$1,100.00$91.67
    Literature/Bible 7th - 8th$1,100.00$91.67
    Bible 5th$1,100.00$91.67
    Bible 6th$825.00$68.75
    Latin 5th - 8th$1,100.00$91.67
    Writing/Grammar 5th - 6th$1,100.00$91.67
    Writing 7th - 8th$1,100.00$91.67
    Logic 7th - 8th$1,100.00$91.67
    Geography 5th - 6th$660.00$55.00
    Technology 5th - 8th$330.00$27.50
  • 7th—12th Specials

    Art 7th - 8th$330.00$27.50
    Visual Art 1 9th$330.00$27.50
    Visual Art 2 10th (2nd Semester)$330.00$27.50
    Fine Arts 11th - 12th$330.00$27.50
    Choir 9th - 12th$330.00$27.50
    Music 7th - 8th$330.00$27.50
    Physical Education$330.00$27.50
  • 9th—12th Academic Courses

    Early Modern History $1,100.00$91.67
    Modern Western History$1,100.00$91.67
    Ancient History$1,100.00$91.67
    Civics/PA History$1,100.00$91.67
    New Testament Survey $825.00$68.75
    Apologetics $825.00$68.75
    Early Modern Western Literature $1,100.00$91.67
    Modern Western Literature $1,100.00$91.67
    Ancient Literature$1,100.00$91.67
    Algebra 1$1,100.00$91.67
    Algebra 2$1,100.00$91.67
    Business Math$1,100.00$91.67
    Intro to Composition$825.00$68.75
    Rhetoric 1$1,100.00$91.67
    Rhetoric 2$1,100.00$91.67
    Rhetoric 3$1,100.00$91.67
    Advanced Physics$1,100.00$91.67
    Spanish 1, 2 & 3$1,100.00$91.67
    Virtue & Vocation (1st Semester)$165.00$13.75
    Technology 1 (1st Semester)$165.00$13.75
    Technology 2 (2nd Semester)$165.00$13.75
    Health 10th (1st Semester)$330.00$27.50
    Study Hall (per 1 hr study hall)$40.00$3.33

Scholarship Information

All scholarship eligibility is determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. An application may be completed online using this link. The application, along with required documentation and payment, should be completed online by May 15, 2024. Families with full-time students entering kindergarten—12th grade may apply for financial aid. Pre3, PreK, and homeschool students are not eligible.
  • Submitted by May 15 - Awards announced after July Board Meeting
  • Submitted after May 15 - TBD - until funds are gone

Financial Policies

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  • Multi-Child Discount

    See breakdown at front of page. The multi-child discount applies to full-time students in 1st - 12th grades.
  • Payment Installments

    All students in preschool - 12th grade, regardless of full-time or part-time status, will have 12 monthly installments. (August 15 - July 15)
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

    $30 fee per check returned as NSF
  • Early Withdrawal

    If a student is withdrawn from the school then 1) tuition is due through their last day and 2) and additional $500 per student is due if the student leaves during the first semester or $250 per student is due if the student leaves during the second semester.
  • Delinquent Accounts

    If tuition falls 60 days behind, the parents must submit a payment plan to the board and the student(s) may be removed from school.
  • Books

    Cost of textbooks, consumables and educational materials for full-time students is included in their tuition. Home school students will be required to purchase their own textbooks, consumables, and materials required by the teacher(s).
  • Late Payment Fee

    A $40 Blackbaud Tuition Management late fee will be applied to your Tuition Management account.

Contact Us for More Information

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Course prices for homeschoolers do not include cost of books.
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