Step 3

  • Please complete the GCCA application that is contained in your informational packet. Full-time students enrolling are required to submit their latest report card with their application. Pay the GCCA application fee. Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Diana Fisher, the GCCA Grammar School Principal. Application Fees: $20.00 PreK - high school
  • A student will not be considered for admission until all parts of the application have been thoroughly completed and the application fee has been paid.
  • Note: Grove City Christian Academy keeps an active applicant pool, and applicants are evaluated in the order in which they are received, as space is available. If we do not have any openings in your child’s grade level but believe your student and family are a good fit for our school model, we will keep your child’s application active until the start of our next school year. During that time, we will let you know if any seats become available for your student’s grade. If a seat does not open up before September 1, your child’s application will become inactive. The application can be reactivated once the admissions season begins for the following year, usually around mid March. Your family would not need to go through the entire admissions process again but would need to contact the Admissions Office and submit updated school records, schedule placement testing, etc. for the new year.
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