Booster Club

The Booster Club is an integral part of our school – both in fundraising and community building.
This past year the Booster Club raised approximately $50,000 towards the general budget of the academy. Participation in the Booster Club is also a way to connect with other academy families, make new friends, and work toward common goals.

Participation Requirements

At Grove City Christian Academy, each family has a participation requirement in the Booster Club:
  • One child in preschool – one credit (5+ hours)
  • One child in kindergarten – two credits (10+ hours)
  • One child in grades 1st through 10th – four credits (20+ hours)
  • Maximum of four credits per family

List of 2 items.

  • Booster Club Buy-Out

    Credits must be completed by June of the current school year, and payment for any outstanding credits is due in July. Families can also opt-out of the required Booster Club Credits by paying a buy-out.
    • $100 per student in preschool
    • $200 per student in kindergarten
    • $400 per student in grades 1st through 10th
    • Maximum of $400 per family
  • How to Earn Credits

    Credits can be earned by volunteering hours (1 credit = 5 hours) for or by participating in Booster Club fundraisers during the year. The current school year fundraisers are described below. Current Booster Club updates are conveyed weekly via the school website and through the GCCA Booster Club Facebook page.

Booster Events

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