9th - 12th Grade

The GCCA high school is a Christian education service designed to assist parents and their high school students in the western Pennsylvania area.

Our Mission

Our high school seeks to instruct children concerning the sovereign Lord of creation, the purpose He has for them, and the nature of the creation over which He has placed man. We strive to equip and assist children to faithfully and obediently carry out man’s God-given task in Genesis 1:28: “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’” We want their convictions and beliefs regarding the whole of life to be rooted in the Bible. While striving for academic excellence in every discipline, GCCA emphasizes a structured integration of our Christian world and life view in all of our studies. We seek to reinforce the moral values and Christian faith that our students are taught in the home and church.

Courses Offered

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  • History

    Class discussions will focus on the primary source readings and will be encouraged (by means of the Socratic method of questioning) to interact critically with the material in order to formulate a worldview that is Biblically grounded and historically informed.
    • MEDIEVAL HISTORY: This Medieval History course will cover a period of more than a 1000 years, from the Fall of Rome Empire to 400-1550 A.D. This course is designed for juniors and seniors. (1 credit)
    • MODERN WESTERN HISTORY II: (1800 to the present ) An exploration of the seminal ideas, major movements, decisive events, and key individuals in American history. This course will also meet the PA requirement for Pennsylvania history. This course is designed for freshman and sophomores. (1 credit)
  • Literature

    These classes will examine and evaluate the main ideas that each literature work communicates in light of a biblical worldview. The form of each work will also be analyzed—how it employs literary techniques to express its truths and ideas in effective, memorable ways. Finally, the class will consider how we ought to respond to the literature as twenty-first century Christians.
    • MEDIEVAL & EARLY MODERN LITERATURE: (A.D. 400-1550) This course will follow a roughly chronological sequence, pairing as closely as possible to the studies of the History course. This course is designed for junior and seniors. (1 credit)
    • MODERN WESTERN LITERATURE II: (1800 to the present) Seminal works relating to history of Western Civilization will be studied, with an emphasis on American Literature. This course is designed for freshman and sophomores. (1 credit)
  • Writing

    • INTRODUCTION TO COMPOSITION: Introducing students to a unique method for effective writing through the compositions of paragraphs and essays, the class provides the opportunity to perfect writing skills in both process and structure, along with learning basic grammar skills. The “how” of composition is emphasized, and at least 4 basic types of papers will be written. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to see writing as “verbal art,” and to approach this means of persuasive communication with a Biblical worldview and Christian approach to aesthetics. Students will write a term paper. This is our freshman entry level writing course. If a freshman desires to enter Writing in the Classical Tradition they must pass a GCCA writing test. (1 credit)
    • WRITING IN THE CLASSICAL TRADITION: This second of three writing courses offered by the GCCA high school is based on D’Angelo’s Composition in the Classical Tradition. Students will be led through 14 stages (fable, proverb, refutation, comparison, description, etc.) of the Progymnasmata, with gradual exercises that build writing proficiencies; they will learn to express themselves in a logical, well-reasoned way. Prerequisite for this course is Introduction to Composition. (1 credit)
    • RHETORIC: Rhetoric is the study of written and oral communications and the art of persuasion. As a tool of learning, it equips students to present the truth, goodness, and beauty of what they have to say, no matter what the topic or arena. This course for upper-level high school students teaches the theory of rhetoric as laid out by ancient thinkers like Aristotle, while allowing the students ample practice in analyzing and imitating persuasive writings and speeches of some of the great speakers and writers throughout history. It focuses on excellent writing and solid biblical thinking. Students cover Aristotle’s Five Canons of Rhetoric  (invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery). Students will write and present a thesis publically. Prerequisite for this course is Writing in the Classical Tradition. (1 credit)
  • Science

    • PHYSICAL SCIENCE WITH LAB: This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. The text discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. (1 credit)
    • BIOLOGY WITH LAB: This college-prep biology course provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution (part scientific theory, part unconfirmed hypothesis), dissection, and ecosystems. Prerequisite for this course is physical science or the equivalent. (1 credit)
    • CHEMISTRY WITH LAB: This college-prep course covers significant figures, units, classification, the mole concept, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, the laws, and equilibrium. Exams will be from the text as well as tutor-created exams with essays and critical thinking questions. Prerequisite for this course is algebra 1. To be successful in chemistry, a student needs to be extremely proficient at rearranging algebraic equations to solve for an unknown variable. (1 credit)
    • PHYSICS WITH LAB: This college-prep physics course is designed for the student who has completed algebra and who has had an introduction to the definitions of sine, cosine, and tangent. It provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general physics, heavily emphasizing vector analysis. It provides the student with a strong background in one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws and their application, gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, waves, optics, electrostatics, electrodynamics, electrical circuits, and magnetism. Prerequisites for this course include algebra I, geometry, and basic trigonometry functions such as vectors. (1 credit)
  • Math

    • ALGEBRA I: This course covers the basic algebraic concepts from a review of operations and functions through quadratic equations and number sequences. Topics of study include fundamental operations, functions and graphs, integers, rational numbers, equations in one variable, equations in two variable, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring, fractions, square roots, quadratic equations, real numbers, fractional equations, inequalities and number sentences. The text used will deal with the “why” before tackling the “how” in various algebraic principles. (1 credit)
    • GEOMETRY: This course covers basic geometrical concepts in areas including lines, angles, constructions, deductive reasoning with proofs, congruence, inequalities, quadrilaterals, transformations, area, similarity, right triangles, circles, concurrence theorems, polygons, geometric solids, and non-Euclidean geometries. The text used includes periodic algebra reviews and exercises with geometry problems from the SAT. Prerequisite for this course is algebra 1. (1 credit)
    • ALGEBRA II: This course introduces and explores operations, linear functions, linear relations, quadratic equations, polynomial functions, systems of equations and inequalities, radicals, and rational expressions and equations. Prerequisite for this course is algebra 1 and geometry. (1 credit)
    • TRIGONOMETRY/PRE-CALCULUS : This course includes a short review of algebra 2 and covers principles in trigonometry including quadratic relations and systems, higher-degree functions and systems, sequences and series, probability, data analysis, functions of a random variable, trigonometric and circular functions and their properties, and triangle problems. Prerequisite for this course is algebra 2. (1 credit)
  • Foreign Language

    • SPANISH I: This introductory Spanish course will focus on a multi-faceted approach for secondary language acquisition and use, crouched within the framework of a biblical world and life view. Growth in thinking, listening, writing, reading and speaking Latin American Spanish will be emphasized. Internet access is required for this course. (1 Credit)
    • SPANISH II: Growth in thinking, listening, writing, reading and speaking Latin American Spanish will be emphasized and knowledge that is integrally connected with the study of Spanish (in the realms of linguistics, history, geography, religion, music art, literature, and culture) will be incorporated. Internet access is required for this course. Prerequisite for this course is Spanish I. (1 credit)
    • SPANISH III: Continued growth in thinking, listening, writing, reading and speaking Latin American Spanish will be emphasized. The study of culture is incorporated in the continuing study of linguistics, history, geography, religion, music, art and literature. More writing will be done as students master the use of the language. Internet access is required for this course. Prerequisite for this course is Spanish II. (1 credit)
  • Art / Music / Theater

    Art courses are designed for students wishing to pursue upper level art training. They are part of a four-year cycle, with one art course being offered each year on a rotational basis. Students are able to enter this art program during any part of the cycle. Classes will be once a week with homework. Full-time students will be required to take two art classes during their high school training. Our music program is designed to provide our students with the language and skills necessary to enjoy choral and instrumental music both as a participant as well as a listener. Full-time students are required to take two music courses during their high school training. Participating in a full scale drama production will fulfill a ½ credit for our art and music requirement.
    • ART I: DRAWING / MARK MAKING: This class is designed for students wishing to pursue upper level art training, a two-dimensional class that will focus on mark-making while studying line and tone development. There will be weekly exercises, class critiques, and a final project each 9 week grading period. (1/2 credit)
    • ART 2: 3-D CLAY BUILDING: This class will learn the various hand-building techniques for clay. There will be a focus on creating sculpture as well as functional art. A new project will be created each nine weeks. (1/2 credit)
    • ART 3: ART THROUGH HISTORY (2018-2019): This course will focus on studying and creating art that explores the styles and methods of the past. This class will cover eight different art styles from classical Greek to modern. The course will mostly deal with two and three-dimensional work. (1/2 credit)
    • ART 4: REPURPOSED ART: This class will focus on making art from non-traditional art material that is not only beautiful, but also functional. A new project will be created each nine weeks. (1/2 credit)
    • MUSIC: This year long class will introduce students to the basic elements of music for the purpose of giving them a foundation for possible future study of music theory and equipping them with the language and categories for listening to, understanding, and speak about the music that will be reviewed over the course of the year. Some of the following terminology will be covered meter, rhythm, modes/scales, melody, musical forms and orchestral instruments. The goal of this introductory course is to provide students with enough understanding that they fall in love with God’s gift of music. (1/2 credit)
    • CHAMBER CHOIR: The GCCA high school choir offers the opportunity to minister to God, His church, and to those in our community with the great tradition of Western choral music. Students will learn the skills needed to sing in parts as a group and will present public performances, including formal concerts, nursing home visits, and minister to local churches. (1/2 credit)
    • THEATRE PRODUCTION: The GCCA Theatre class is designed to offer a Christian environment whereby students who are interested in acting, set design, and technical theatre can explore their God-given talents. With weekly rehearsals during the second semester of the school year (3:15 PM), a polished and professional production of a classic play will be presented to the public in the spring. (1/2 credit)
  • Introduction to Archery

    Archery is designed for both experienced and inexperienced students. Learning about the equipment, range setup, safety protocols and whistle commands, the “11 Steps to Archery Success,” proper form, and scoring are all covered during the course. Individual coaching and feedback are tailored to each student. Archers must participate in Grove City Christian Academy’s archery course to be eligible for the GCCA team. Meets at GCCA approximately six times during the month of November.
  • Archery Team

    The Archery Team at the Academy is part of the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). In this program students are introduced to and learn the “11 Steps to Archery Success’” which is the guide to proper archery shooting technique. Safety is of the utmost importance, and students learn all of the appropriate rules to safely compete in this sport. Through this sport students learn focus, self control, discipline, patience, and the life lessons to be successful in academics and in life. (1/2 credit)
  • Health

    Taught from a biblical perspective, the class endeavors to understand the relationship of our bodies, our health and fitness, and our environment in order to determine how one can live a pleasing and full life to the glory of God. (½ credit)
A Christian education in the classical tradition.